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About Exhibition

9th Food & Beverage and Hospitality 2023

5th - 8th October 2023

Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu


Food & Beverage Hospitality Exhibition 2023 is focused exclusively on food, beverage & hospitality, the first and only of its kind in Nepal in recognition of the tremendous growth in the sector. While food and beverage have become big revenue source and profit centres for the hotels, restaurants and “party-palaces” have mushroomed beyond anyone’s expectations in the last ten years. Likewise, takeaway food outlets, street food vendors, supermarkets and grocery stores have popped up in every neighborhood and markets in large numbers.
The Food & Beverage Hospitality Exhibition in Nepal hosts about 200 exhibitors, 2  thematic pavilions ( Agro Food-Processing and Hotel Furniture & Furnishing) and features 7 interactive live events. And of course, numerous sample tasting counters during the Exhibition to involve and engage the industry professionals, to highlight the exhibition theme as well as enliven the atmosphere for the visitors.
The Food & Beverage Hospitality attracts more than 40,000  business visitors and consumers. While the event is primarily a business-to-business event, consumers are expected to visit in great numbers. Business visitors will be able to check the exhibitors’ list and directly pre-book appointments with the exhibitors for the duration of the exhibition.
The Food Drinks & Hospitality Exhibition in Nepal clearly defines and demonstrates the power of live marketing. A TV or FM commercial cannot do what an exhibition can do. What an exhibition can do, a print or bill-board ad cannot do. An Exhibition is a rare event that gives you far more possibilities that even a door-to-door sales call could not. The Exhibition has proven to be a kick- off to the forthcoming food and beverage season – Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Christmas, New Year, and weddings!

Pulchowk, Lalitpur
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